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This was a great site to visit. My great Uncle was Ronnie Gernarder of the Nitwits. I have been trying to find out more about him and the other members, some of them who went on to be part of Nuts and Bolts. I would love to chat more .
Hi Ron & Maggie, what a fabulous tribute to such a wonderfully talented bunch of lunatics!

I cannot recall the year that you all did Chessington World of Adventures for me, but by god did you all wow the audiences daily with your 'music masterclass' comedic performances.

I am actually staggered that it is also 13 years since I saw you both, at Stan Van Hoorn's funeral, "So sorry"..

Stan was my hero and for me personally, to have been so lucky to have spent many years working with him at The Beefeater Medieval Banquet was just so magical.

He was a true comical musical genius, as anyone who ever knew Stan will testify.

Nuts & Bolts - I salute you and will fondly remember always, the 'musical mayhem', 'comedy capers' and most of all for you all being the nicest bunch of lunatics that I ever met.

Paddy xxx
It was my great pleasure to accompany Nuts and Bolts at the Ocean Hotel in Saltdean. Their act was, from an accompanist point of view, a nightmare. One eye on the dots “what few of them there were!” and on on the act for cues. The expertise of the musicians became instantly apparent, and my lasting memory is of the Professor loading a pyro and placing it behind my music stand! I think he was a little generous with the gunpowder that night, because when it went off, it blew my stand over. The Prof was really upset about it and apologised profusely. It was a sheer delight backing these lads. They were the epitome of people who can DO something! That “Swiss echo trumpet” must have leaked like a sieve, but never a note was off key. Well, Gentlemen, thank you for the privilege. Rest in peace.
What a laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Brilliant fun.
Thank you Nuts & Bolts for pure fun born out of great talent
Just watched NUTS & BOLTS on an episode of THE GOOD OLD DAYS (9 Jul 1980), superb...very funny, came across this website and its a great tribute.
Just seen Nuts and Bolts on the 9th July 1980 episode of "The Good Old Days" - went down very well with the audience. I notice that Nuts and Bolts are not on the IMDB website so dont appear in the cast list for the programme. Vince Hill and Bernard Cribbins also appeared.
I have never seen anything like it.
This Fridays(17/11/17) Good Old Days repeat on BBC 4 is an episode featuring Nuts and Bolts
What can I say about Nuts & Bolts, they are amusing, make me hysterical with laughter & very professional to boot. One couldn't ask for more, I split my sides every time I saw them on TV.
A man named Brian melia comment on this post in 2013 believing that Antonio was this grandad, well I believe that Brian could be my grandad and I'm desperate to contact him. I have email him email he left but I'm ensure if it's still active as it over 3 years ago. If anyone has any information I would be very grateful.
Keiley Melia
I had the fun of accompanying these guys in cabaret a few times in the 70s ........didn;t realise Tony was Francis Traversi's the Llandudno sign writers brother. happy days´╗┐
Hiya, somewhat like Diane, I was having a trip down memory lane the other day when cleaning out some stuff from my entertaining days. I was a HavenMate at Doniford Bay holiday park (Somerset) In 1989-91 ish. Nuts & Bolts were one of our Cabarets and I used to look forward to their bi-weekly visits as I was the compère on the evening they did their show and I could never guess what would happen when I introduced them, even thinking about the act now makes me laugh!!!

I would also like to thank Ron for the battered old trumpet he gave me that season, I still have it some 25 years later and learnt how to play it!! Thanks Maggie for creating this website, it's bought back some great memories of very happy days and has given me a chance to thank Ron for the Trumpet all these years later, although he probably will not remember the zany Redhead in the deckchair striped coat xx
Saw them at Chesington world of Adventures they were better than all the rides put together I had a great day watching them
Hello Nuts & Bolts
I knew Cyril Lagey, I am the Mother of his 2 nieces and Nephew, Joanna Lagey, Marley Lagey and Jonathan Kwango.Lagey( John, Cyrils brother s Stage name Johnny Kwango Pro. Wrestler )

does anyone know where nitwits played 1956?
Great to come this website after all this time. I remember seeing Nuts and Bolts in the 1970s in Blackpool (North Pier?). They were brilliant and the memory has stayed with me. Fantastic to find them on You Tube now as well.
Hi there,
Came across your website after reminiscing last night with an old acquaintance of mine from 24 years ago!
I was a redcoat at Butlins in 1989 (Grand Hotel, Scarborough) and Nuts and Bolts were one of the top acts we had there through the summer season of that year.
I have to say I still regard the boys as one of the finest variety comedy acts I have ever seen. They wowed the crowd everytime they performed.
They were also such nice guys off stage too. I was the 'resident singer' that season, very inexperienced and just starting out in the business. Ron gave me such valuable advice and tips on how to get started in the industry. Ive been successfully performing ever since and have my own niche little show that tours. A fun filled wartime tribute. Thanks, Diane Moore
Nice meeting you and Maggie in Vegas. Just going to check you out now. LOL!!!
Hi I would love to know more about Tony Taversi apparently my grandfather, I met him once in Australia and hold the pictures of him dear to my heart and now learn the legend that he was. I'm understanding as time goes on that his family in Australia bleed him dry...! I personally have had no contact with Helen sine 1987 and my father also Brian in over 23 years.( he left when I was 16.) if anyone one help with any information on antonio and his family I would be in your debt......

Thank you
Brian Melia
I do have several videos of Nuts and Bolts but have never had the time to make up a good product for public consumption. I will try and get a dvd together for the new year so watch this space. Thanks for your interest and keep in touch Ronald
As a fan of The Bonzos. Bill Posters. Whoppe band. Ive always enjoyed that mix of music and comedy. Never got chance to see Nuts and Bolts live. Only on tv. Is there any live dvds vhs out there

Hello there, I am Cyril's grandson, I only met him twice as he was very ill, but I remember as a boy when I went to see him in hospital that he said I would be a dancer when I grew up, and that he could see the performer in me, and lo and behold here I am, a professional dancer, I only wish I got to spend more time with him. thanks so much for this site for giving me an insight into his world :)
Absolutely Brilliant Comedy Timing,would be greater to view this Quality on Televison Today recreated,yet with some of those original artistes still around,sadly I never saw the act "live" on
stage,suffice for Pete Lindup in his own spectacular way,cheers to you all-This Was Variety at its best!
Came by all this by accident. Was surfing for The Sheik Of Araby - a session I had played drums on,
way back in the early 70s, produced by Roger Mealey & Norton Costello. I was the drummer in The Rock N'Roll Circus at the time. Haven't heard from Norton for some years now. Interesting to see the front cover of that album we made!
I know Rednik Smith became Mickey Modern & Management etc. From what I can recall The Sheik Of Araby was made under the band name of Nuts & Bolts. I think it could have been their first single? I remember the studio in Islington. Mad Engineer - kept a loaded Gun in the studio! One had to be exact!
Best Regards, Dino
god bless Cyril we will chat one day
Hi Cyril this is Dennis from blackpool when you was at the winter gardens we always had coffie together please email me would love to catch up on past years we had good shats together i was the opperations manager at the winter gardens,this in my email well hope your all ok.Dennis
Thanks so much for the site !
I only saw Nuts & Bolts once - at the Bognor Clown convention in about 1986 I think - but will never forget them, probably the best musical comedy show in the World !!!
Really great web site. Informative, honest and very witty. I like the way it completely covers all aspects of this marvellous British Institution. The information about the Nuts and Bolts is very interesting reading. Why dont you make it into a book?
hi ron just came accross nuts and bolts web site he dosnt seem that long ago we met at the parks and u came to my wedding please face book me would love to catch up sad news nearly all gone now never to be replaced by anything remotlty as funny and talented take care mate pleas eget in touch johnny
Great to chance upon your website. I worked with your son for a while twelve years or so ago in a bank - I think it was UBS. He showed interest in my art work and asked you to draw your employer's attention to my web site - you were working for a firm that published fine art prints. Nothing came of it, but that's life. My brother, who's a pianist, was accompanying Michael Barrymore in cabaret years ago and Nuts & Bolts were on the same bill; he spoke very highly of them and was particularly impressed with the trumpet player. My brother's now retired as I am - I got out of banking nearly six years ago and was very pleased to do so; I can now concentrate on painting and music. Please give my regards to your son - am I remembering correctly that his name is Dan?

Best wishes

I met Nuts & Bolts when working in the comedy band 'Oddsansodds' with Derek Nelson(Brilliant guitarist). Derek was a good friend of Ron's and we had a few days holiday up in Bridlington where Nuts & Bolts were appearing in summer season with Les Dawson. Fantastic memories of that show and several late nights at a dodgy club above a cinema, drinking chatting and laughing alot with Ron, Howie and Les Dawson (Who was as funny 'off' as well as 'on' and a natural comic - sadly missed) We became big fans and followed 'Nuts' whenever we could - the final time being The Aquarius club in Chesterfield! Our bass player sent me the cutting from the obituary column when Cyril died - it was a great shock to us both. Sadly, Phil also died not so long after. Great memories of a great act and lovely people
I remember working with Nuts and Bolts in 1976. I had a resident band at the Rainbow Variety Club in Swansea. They were outrageously funny we all talked about them for weeks after and still do today - absolutely brilliant. That massive explosion at the end of the act where I think the professor set off a charge in a lavatory bowl!
Very nice site. Will sure visit again.
Just following on from the last item - it should read Mike Higham ex Vintage Syncopators and Laughingstock comedy bands.
How splendid to revive the memories of a cabaret act with which I had such affinity. In 1961 I started on the long road, as a very amateur musician, to progress to running cabaret acts in the same vein as the Nitwits, Nuts and Bolts and The Temperance Seven. Based in Wigan in Lancashire (no it's not Greater Manchester to me and never will be) we worked the cabaret scene but not with quite the impact of Nuts and Bolts. We met up with the chaps a number of times, particularly in Blackpool when they were on a Central Pier season. We also met up with Sid Flood (ex Nitwits) who wanted to join us and take us Pro,

What wonderful memories particularly when chatting to Tony and Cyril up in Blackpool. Mike Higham - ex Vintage Syncopators and L
hi, the web site is great, my grandad was Tommy Shand, i never met him and dont know much about him, so if anyone has any information, stories or photos or him i would be very grateful. i am trying to find out as much about his life as possible, and the type of man he was. the photos on this web site are the only ones i have seen of him so thankyou. If you have any further info about him please email me on
Wow!! Memories!!! Remember seeing the nitwits when I was a lad at Leeds Empire. Then, years later, when I was a Theatrical Agent in the WMC of Leeds Area in the 70's I had the pleasure of working Nuts !!! Absolutely fantastic!! Nice to see a message from Dusty Young - he too was funny!! I finished up owning Racehorses - would be a nice name for a nag - Nuts n Bolts!!! Thanks for reviving happy memories!!!!
Hi, I am the daughter of Tommy Shand and I have enjoyed reading your comments and seeing photographs of my dad.

My parents divoced when I was very young and although my dad popped up from time to time during my childhood it was only when I was adult I that I managed to get in touch with him on a regular basis. Although he was happy to write often and exchange photographs he did not want to meet face to face and I missed him all most of my life.

I too attended his funeral and it broke ny heart that it was so poorly attended,

Thank you for acknowledging his wonderful talent and giving me an insight into his world.

Best Regards,

As the son of Count Rossini I was so pleased to see the wonderful update you have done to your website.
You were right that he enjoyed his fantastic journey with Nuts & Bolts and I would like to thank you on his behalf for giving him the oppotunity to do what he loved, make people laugh!

Oops I've found them now ..:)
I am so glad to have finally found something online about you.
I saw version two at the Westcliff Theatre Clacton-on-Sea and loved it.
Are there any recordings anywhere?
Hi does anyone know the date of the picture of the Nitwits on this site so i can try to work which violinist it is ?Many thanks Darren
Hello from sunny Spain. Thank you for a great insight into Nuts & Bolts. They were the funniest show wehave ever seen and please can you put more videos on the site? Great job. Paul & Karen Mitchell.
Hello strangers

how is life in the fast lane! e mail me and say hello.

Best wishes


How did I miss this site for so long? A wonderful nostalgic history of one of the funniest comedy acts in Britain. This site should be made into a book so more people would see it. Well written, witty and informative. I was touched by the obvious appreciation the author has for those great troupers and good old days. As I remember, Maggie Regan was a superb act herself and I hope she is still working. Thank you, it has made my day.