David Pogson

Laird of Loch Ness



David Pogson, alias 'Poggy' joined Nuts & Bolts when Howie Morgan died and has been a part of our furniture since. As the dour Scotsman he looked like he had a commanding power over the rag tag band of Nuts but in actual fact despite his silent mime rants and gestures the rest of them took no notice of him at all and he retreated back to his instrument until someone else made a mistake then he was at it again. Far from being like his stage persona, Poggy was quite the opposite. He was a very gentle and quiet man normally but if you got him on about bands and musicians he would talk your ear off!  I always called him, The Dandy as he spent a lot of time shopping.  No one could find a bargain like Dave. He could shop for England! , and he would buy some beautiful clothes in whatever country we were in. I always loved my Christmas presents from Dave because he bought me loads of everything I like!  Poggy and Ron used to meet up with Bob Flag own in Brick Lane on a Sunday morning when Ron was not away and have smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels there. (When we all were away we used to salivate over thoughts of Brick Lane Bagel Shop!) Dave played with several London bands on trombone, and was an expert on beer types!



The above photograph was the original opening of the Kaleidascape show. We rehearsed this five minute scene for six weeks in Sarasota because the Italian director wanted an arty farty old English drawing room setting with Nuts just sitting, reading etc., Stan was asleep in a bed, Tony conducted  music in his head, Joe was dressed in a lovely old golf costume practising his putting, Ron wandered about playing an old gramaphone etc., and I would come in dressed as an old English maid and pour tea, (real tea that I had to make too!) This was all going on quietly whilst the audience took their seats. Then, at show time the cast would enter, looking for the star of the show. He, David Larible would then come running  in, wake Stan up and the acrobats would do their thing and so on.  Thank God Kenneth Feld eventually scrapped it!  We could have rehearsed a three hour musical quicker than that one five minute scene.
Dave was diagnosed with Cancer and came to live with Ron and I for the last year of his life. His Muso friends would visit and he had a very peaceful passing.  He would've loved his funeral! We gave him a New Orleans style send off with glass carriage and live jazz band walking behind him playing his favourite music all the way!
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