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Howie Morgan

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The extremely likeable Howie Morgan was a Welshman and a 'Welsh Nationalist' he used to say,  'As far as I'm concerned they can f----king 'ave it!'  He lived happily in Brighton - says it all!  Howie was a rare man who everyone adored. He was gentle, modest, easy to work with and had a great sense of humour. Howie started his career in the Big Band era and worked with many different bands during the Archer Street times (when all the musicians needing work  used to congregate in that street in London  on a Monday morning to pick up jobs) When times changed and work got a bit harder to get, Howie played sax, flute and clarinet with the 'Nutcrackers' a comedy orchestra but when Nuts & Bolts found him he was in a barren patch. He was soon working and earning money with Nuts and in 1977 did a Royal Command Performance  for Prince Philip at The Lyceum Strand. After the performance Nuts & Bolts received a printed request to meet Prince Philip. The prince very politely asked questions of all the boys and he asked little Howie, 'What were you doing before you joined Nuts & Bolts?' Howie replied in his little Welsh accent, 'I was scrubbing floors at the Labour Exchange Your Grace!' Which in fact was true. Eric Morley the chairman of Mecca who was accompanying  HRH was apoplexed and looked horrified. He tried to move on quickly but Prince Philip was having none of it. He was very interested and carried on chatting for ages! In fact there is a very funny story about what Howie said after that chat to the Duke but it is far too rude to recount here!  Howie did eventually return to his  Welsh Valley town of Merthyr. He went home to die and to this day 'little' Howie is sadly missed by all of us.