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Hello from sunny Spain. Thank you for a great insight into Nuts & Bolts. They were the funniest show wehave ever seen and please can you put more videos on the site? Great job. Paul & Karen Mitchell.
Hello strangers

how is life in the fast lane! e mail me and say hello.

Best wishes


How did I miss this site for so long? A wonderful nostalgic history of one of the funniest comedy acts in Britain. This site should be made into a book so more people would see it. Well written, witty and informative. I was touched by the obvious appreciation the author has for those great troupers and good old days. As I remember, Maggie Regan was a superb act herself and I hope she is still working. Thank you, it has made my day.
Ron: see Post number 17, You have my mobile and home numbers we would like to see you as soon as possible we are probably only two miles apart! As we are both retired
we are very flexible, and we want to see you all perform.
Looking forward to meeting you. Kind regards Pete and Margaret
Hi Ron sorry to hear about Cyril and Joe it doesnt seem so long ago we worked the south wales circuit and various northeast venues. Would love to hear from you. Did you know the band were the subject of 70's entertainement in Newcastle last year?

Best wishes Alex Hossack
Dear Ronnie
It has been a long time when you and I were at Blades in the sixties, and I note at that time you were living in Woodford and you came to see us in St Barnabas Road,
Woodford Green, and Margaret and I are are still both in Woodford, mobile: 07973 314243 Pete and Margaret Ashman BT 0208 504 6742, like to meet up
We would be grateful if we all could neet up.
I worked with Nuts & Bolts during the Summer of 1990 on the Butlins circuit. Brilliant guys (Cyril made me cry with laughter many times)
Sad to hear that no footage remains of their exceptional work.

Well done on the website!
Nice to keep the memories alive. I used to be in the last incarnation of Roy Bradley & The Nitwits in the 80's. I was the crazed drummer character. We performed at Clacton for a summer season, and did a one off gig in Coventry that autumn.
Thank you for visiting the site all eight thousand of you. It is great to keep the memories alive. Seaason greetings to you all...Ronald Regan...nuts and bolts
Hi Ron just had a look at the website it was nice to see all the faces after so many years and it was nice to talk to you also. It seems like a hundred year ago since Rochdale. It's amazing to be still working at my age but it keeps me from going do lally and he money comes in handy. If I had known I was going to last this long in the business I would have rehearsed. Most of my work is dinners and private functions now and it is a lot easier than the working mens clubs. There are very few of them left now anyway. Maybe the next time I get down to London we can meet up.
Good Luck
I met Nuts and Bolts a few years before Cyril died and spent a wonderful afternoon with them at Chessington world of adventure. I think I watched the act five times and laughed so much; it was a tonic I needed at the time. I was invited into the dressing room where I was given their autographs. I was told about Cyril's illness and he never complained about the pain. I am pleased that I found this site as I have been looking for information on Nuts and Bolts for many years. I am sorry to here of Cyril's passing and which I had the chance to get to know him. a true professional.
Hi everyone, Howie Morgan is my uncle and his wife Moira (my aunt) is still alive and kicking! If anyone wants more information of Howie (Howard) please get in touch. My father Arthur Parkhurst alias Viscount Piccadilly, was in the Nit Wits (Pianist) and also worked with Howie for many years all over the world
I saw Nuts and Bolts with my then girlfriend now my wife in the early 70s at the Boilermakers Club in Sunderland UK One of if not the best acts i have ever seen Absolutely brilliant,

As one as already said are there no videos to be had of them.

thanks for the happy memories.

i was lucky enough to see this brilliant troop at my local WM Club thirty odd years ago,never forgotten them,simply unique and brilliant.
congratulations for the websites and thanks for all those wonderful memories...
Please, contact me and keep in touch

I booked Nuts & Bolts many times in the NAAFI clubs in Germany. It is sad to hear of their demise although the old fellow was in his late seventies when we last saw them in Hamburg. Excellent memoriam to them. I was a great fan. Are there any videos available?
Hello,great site by the way,very informative thank you...i am actually Cyril Lagey\'s niece...,just wondering if you know my father Johhny Lagey (Johhny Kwango) the wrestler was his brother?you don\'t say in your write up about him?
I remember Nuts and Bolts very well. It was the first time I had ever seen a toilet being played as a trombone. I saw them many times after that because I got hooked. Whenever they were in my area I would see them (Birmingham) I have also seen the Skiffle Orchestra and although they are completely different they are just as funny.
I can\'t believe I\'ve lived opposite and not known about Nuts & Bolts. Thanks Maggie.
I like Nuts and Bolts very much, especially my mum and dad Ron and maggie. When are you coming to Jeddah.
I remember Nuts and bolts at Blackpool. they were great. You are right Cyril Lagey wouldnt be allowed on television now but he was very funny. I think this testament to the Nuts and Bolts is excellent.
Lovely site. Such happy times and fond memories. Those days will never come again. Dol. 89 - if God spares me \'till March.