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Ron Regan was the founder member of Nuts & Bolts. He is a Londoner born within the sound of the Bow Bells which makes him a true cockney, and proud of it!  In the sixties Ron was a bit of a pop star. He played bass with Fortes Mentum who now, over forty six years later are a cult phenomenon!  They are now known as one of the best Pyschedelic Pop bands of their time. Their singles are avidly collected all over the world and we wish that we had saved more of them as they are selling for serious money!  There you go..! Fortes Mentum recorded several singles at the time with the Beatles label and luckily for us most of them flopped so Ron turned to comedy.You can see and hear  him as a youngster on the web site I made for him at  


Right from the very beginning Ron did  all the running of the Nuts & Bolts act.  He arranged all travel bookings  driving, producing, etc etc  He always (and still has) had a wonderful relationship with agents and bookers all over world.  He remains good friends with anyone and everyone he has ever worked with, and even remains in contact with school pals from fifty five years ago!  When we worked with Ringling Barnum & Bailey in the USA, he was in regular contact with a man he had met in 1981 in Reno. Upon finding that this friend had been wrongly imprisoned he immediately took on the fight to get him out of prison and clear his name..  They corresponded for a long time and Ron wrote his successful book, 'Letters From Lovelock' about this period. He is 69 now and I like to think of him as a true dignitary of the entertainment business. Basically he is a very nice man (must be - I married him!) Just so as he doesn't sound too stuffy Ron is also a lover of practical jokes hence his love of comedy. He has led a charmed life and has   always ran  a successful  business alongside his showbiz  side   Ron is a keen collector of antiques, vintage cars, old instruments and ... well anything!  His hobbies are me, our two boys and our  six grandchildren, refurbishing our huge old house in  East Germany, our home in Spain and his entertainment work. Since Nuts & Bolts ended Ron has joined an hilariously funny musical comedy act called 'The London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra'. Only this time he is not the baby of the act - he is the old man! Go and see them you will enjoy the show. Their web site is



Ron is now with the London Philharmonic Skiffle Orchestra                             














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